Octopus Screening and Referral: :
improve service request reception, screening and referral to the appropriate healthcare or social services department

We have forged very strong partnerships with healthcare establishments since the creation of Octopus, to ensure that our software helps to simplify users’ work each and every day. This is why we wanted to provide a new turnkey solution for screening and referral departments to help them reduce the time taken to handle requests for social services. The time taken during this first stage is, of course, in addition to the waiting time after the individual has been referred to the right department or service.

The Octopus Screening and Referral system was built working in conjunction with a number of health and social services centers in Quebec, and optimizes the reception, screening and referral process. The request reception, screening and referral unit is consequently able to log requests for healthcare or social security services more quickly, using just one system, and people will then be directed towards the appropriate department on the basis of their needs and priority level.